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using the turbo booste port ; need tech. help

Anyone know if the port on the 5cyl 300 turbo Diesel (1984 era) for the booste gauge is metric threads orrr? .

ok, after some talk with an engineer about an LP booste setup the desision is to use the port where the turbo booste gauge gets it's pressure. I want to put a Y into this port. ONe side of the Y will be the booste gauge and the other side the LP injection.
Anyone see a reason to NOT use this port. If so... please have handy a suggestion on another port usable for LP injection.

Why LP injection? Load up ur car or waggon with the 5cyl 300 turbo in it untill it weighs 5 1/2 tons then try driving up long upgrades and you'll understand why. You'll understand even better if you change the gear rations to LOW tractor like power. Thats my set up.. a Unimog w/the 617 925

LP will only be used on hills.. sorta like a nitrous kick in a gasser.
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