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Unhappy Help (SOS): blipping idle/stalls/won't start --REALLY NEED HELP


I am having a problem (or problems) with my 93 2.6. --yes, I started a thread but it got no response so I am starting again.

The symptoms are:
1) Idle surges to approx 1500 then drops to 500 *10
2) Shortly, thereafter, car dies and will not restart

Here is what has been done to diagnose problem:
1) presure test of fuel pumps. Tested fine/holds pressure
2) Spark plug test. Fine --spark when key is turned

Indie mechanic concludes the fuel delivery is fine and that we have power so things should work.

Here is what has been replaced in attempt to resolve problem:
1) Mass Air flow sensor
2) Distributor cap
3) Rotor
4) CIS-ECU (used)
5) OVP
6) Idle control valve cleaned until carb cleaner fluid ran clear out of it. Lubed with WD40 (DIY).

The problem persists. HELP! SOS!. He is at a loss and is now sugesting that I get a new CIS-ECU and/or take it to a dealer.

Anyone, and I mean, anyone out there with an inkling of what could be wrong and how to troubleshoot this problem please help me.

I am especially interested in finding out how to test, electronically, the CIS-ECU and Idle control valve, and anything else to rule them out as the culprit.


Thanks for responding in advance.
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