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Question Ideas about air conditioning problems

I am still a little afraid that I may have the dreaded and expensive air conditioning failure noted for these cars. Last year, in June, the air conditioning was recharged and filled with the fluorescent indicator dye. Then in the fall I thought the system was fading, but with the cooler weather coming I just thought I wouldnít worry about it until the spring. Sure enough, it isnít very cold this year. I thought it needed to be recharged a second time, so I was sure I was going to have to rip out the entire dash and pay the whopping $2500 bill for the fix. :wall: I was willing to pay, but I was concerned about getting the dash reinstalled. Then last week I took the car to the very good independent mechanic that did the recharging of the system and he told me that the pressure of the system was fine. He told me that he thought the refrigerant had not leaked out. He also tested the temperature from the vents and he told me the temperature seemed OK. It was a rather cold day, however, and the outside temperature was virtually the same as properly cooled air. On a hot day, the air conditioning does not get anywhere near as cold as it did before. Since the independent mechanic couldnít identify the problem, I made an appointment with the dealer for the 19th of June and I am hoping they can solve the problem. Since the pressure is good, I am hoping it isnít leaking from the evaporator located under the dash. Could it be that the independent mechanics messed up a bit and charged the system improperly? Could the pressure be OK and not have the proper amount of refrigerant? I read about being sure to dry the system before recharging and being sure to fill the system with the appropriate amount of refrigerant. I am hoping it is simple, but I am willing to pay what ever it takes to keep the car like new. I just hope the dealer can figure out the problem. If you guys have any tips about the possible problems, I would be grateful to hear about them.
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