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May not be trying to cool heated air

Yes it is true that the air conditioning must have leaked the first time, but that occurred over an 8-year period of time, so I thought it was possible that the loss of pressure wasnít really unusual. I was hoping that the very slow loss of charge didnít necessarily mean that there was really and obvious leak that would need immediate repair. The mechanic did search for a leak, but never found it with his UV light and the dealer told me that sometimes it takes multiple loads of dye for the indicator to be visible in such places as the moisture drainage holes coming from the evaporator. Now that the mechanic is telling me that there was no loss of pressure, I am confused about the original loss of pressure and the lack of sufficient cooling. I will certainly ask about the "monovalve" and the possibility that the car is trying to cool heated air. The air does feel cool on a cool day, so it may be using ambient air and not be trying to cool heated air. Thank you for the help.
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