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UPDATE!!! Well, the quest continues. I drove the 300SE for two days. This car lived in New York City for most of it's life and it shows. I had one of my detail guys give the trunk lid a quick going over and it cleaned up pretty good. I gave the car a thorough look over and everything was working, although it had an after-market radio. I got suspicious though when I smelled something strange in the trunk. A quick trip to the wash bay revealed a water leak. I didn't even bother tracking it down, though. When I inspected a little closer I found MOLD!!!. Forget it. It'll probably be sold to a wholesaler and wind up on a used car lot. The 1994 E320 is on my lift at work right now. I've been working on this car for several years so I know the car. This car has been garaged since day one. It's exceptionally clean and has had all scheduled service on time, as well as several oil changes in between. It also has ASR and heated seats. Hey suginami, I love that steering wheel! If the current owner goes through with buying a new E320, this car is mine. I should know for sure in a few days. Thanks for the comments guys. WISH ME LUCK!!!
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