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Probably Not Resistor Tip Problem


the high gas consumption DIDN'T start after I changed the spark plugs. The only reason why I changed the plugs was bec. they are over 35K miles....Tried to unscrew the resistor tips as you suggested, but unsuccessful. So what I did was to remove each plug wire with the resistor tip one at a time, started the engine and see if the engine ran rough. At all six cylinders, the engine ran a little rougher when the wire for that cylinder was removed. But the engine ran better when the wires were in the s. plugs. This suggests that the wire and resistor tips are ok, right? Also, there are no spark leaks when I tested them by starting when it was dark. The cap and rotor (with slight pitting) still looked good. I did change the rotor but was unsuccessful in changing the cap bec. it was stuck to the black plastic cover.

While the engine was running, I also removed the top part of the air filter and lightly depressed the airflow plate. The engine immediately stalled. Does this suggest a rich mixture?


Anyways, I'm starting to believe that TIMREID is right about the 02 sensor going bad. But I also think that my problem is partly ignition related or I have a vacuum leak since I can hear the engine sound change while idling on Park. There is also this strange noise coming from the area of the power steering fluid reservoir but not the p.s. reservoir.

Will you tell me where the 02 sensor is located? I've been looking at the 02 threads but to no avail.

92 300 TE 115K miles
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