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Seeking advice on removing driveshaft from 1995 E320 Coupe

Can anyone tell me how to remove the driveshaft from my recently purchased 95 E320 coupe? This is my first Benz and although I'm an experienced DIY mechanic - I've never worked on MB's before. I am getting a vibration from drive train around 35 to 40mph and suspect worn driveshaft components (flex disk - support bearing) - or possible bent or out of balance shaft.

The car has 127K miles - so I figure I'll remove and replace all worn shaft components.

Is it necessary (or adviseable) to remove exhaust system for better access to driveshaft?? I don't have access to a lift - so I'll be putting car up on jack stands and be removing shaft while lying on my back under the car. I'd appreciate any advice from someone who has done this as to how to make this job as easy as possible
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