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Originally Posted by Abeja56 View Post
Hi, I'm new around here.

Sorry for my English if I say something wrong, my language is Spanish.

I have a problem in my Mercedes 190e 2.6 to which I cannot find a solution. And before having to change the gearbox I would like to receive your help. I have seen many forum posts and I think you have more knowledge than in my country.

The problem that I drag is that when the car heats up or the gearbox heats up, when stopping at a traffic light or stop the car stops. As if it were manual and you will brake without stepping on the clutch.

Injection the car is fine. The revised vacuum intakes and the red modulator changed for a new one, with oil change and filters.

In cold the car behaves well. Also when it is heated, sometimes when it goes to "D" or "R", blows are produced that do not occur when cold.

I hope you can help me or give me light from someone who has had something similar.

Thank you very much and I hope I have explained myself.
Car dies at stoplights?

That sounds like an engine problem not a transmission problem
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