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Originally Posted by Abeja56 View Post
All the engine part is supposedly revised.

The car is in the correct parameters, it only has the high HC and it has almost everything new.

An interesting fact is that the economy when putting "D" in idle is set to 1/4 of the maximum. In acceleration or in P or N it reaches the minimum without any problem.

I guess when you put D and the car is idling it should also be set to minimum.
It's normal for the "ECONOMY" gauge to move a 1/4 to the right when you put the car into D or R.

The "ECONOMY" gauge is just a simple vacuum gauge.

Just because your engine had a lot of work done to it it doesnt mean that it is running right.

A 722.4 can't cause a stall, it doesn't have a lock up torque converter
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