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87 190E 2.3 8v: Engine rattle at startup- Tensioner?

I did multiple searches regarding engine noises at start up, chain tensioners and timing chains.

The 87 190E 2.3 8v has a rattle at startup that disappears after a few seconds and I am suspecting the tensioner and/or the timing chain.

Car has 210k miles on it. I know the head has been off, but I don't know when/ or miles.


-Is this typically the tensioner and/or the chain?
-Could it also be the belt tensioner or does this make noise continuously?

One odd item is after I did the last oil change to 15w-50 Mobil 1 the engine runs much more smoothly. Several family passengers remarked on the fact without any prompting which made me wonder of the thicker oil pumped up the tensioner?

Finally, if I do need to do the tensioner and chain, can anyone point me to the thread(s) that I may follow to do the repair.

Thanks in advance,

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