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Please accept my apologies. I was trying to get you some info you could work with while the sun was still up.
After re-reading the entire thread, I see you already have the Sears meter.
To set it up, look for the X11 diagnostic connector pictured below (red arrow).
It is located on your driver's fender well.
Unscrew the cap. The pins are numbered from left to right. Put the (-) test lead into pin 2, and the (+) test lead into pin 3.
Remove the air cleaner. Set the meter to 'duty cycle' and turn it on.
Switch on the ignition, but do not start the engine. (key on engine off)
If you see 85% on the meter, you have the California controller. If you see 70%, you have the federal version.

If you have the Calif controller, you really need help from someone who has worked on California systems.
However, my understanding is there is yet another connector called X11/4 located on the passenger side, between the firewalls, around the battery. (diagram below) There should be a button (#2 in diagram) and LED (#4 in diagram) on this connector. Have a paper and pencil in hand. Press the button once for 2-4 seconds. If the LED flashes once, this indicates there are no codes stored.
If it flashes more than once, write down the sequence of flashes you see.
When you get a solid green LED, press the button again for 2-4 seconds. If there is another code, write it down, and then press the button for another 2-3 seconds.
At the point where the LED stays green after pressing the button for 2-4 seconds, control is passed to duty-cycle output.

I am not certain these last two tests work on California cars.
Depress the airflow sensor plate. The duty cycle shown on the meter should decline to 10%. Release.
Next move the throttle linkage to wide-open throttle. Meter should read 20%.

Let us know how things progress to this point. Particularly whether the car is Calif or federal.
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