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I suppose you could try it without removing the radiator... But since there are only two clips that hold it in place I found it easier to remove it and the fan shroud as opposed to having to work around it. You will need to at least drain it, otherwise you will have a diluge of antifreeze when you remove the waterpump. (If you do not drain the radiator, it will drain down to the point level with the lowest opening in the block when you remove the water pump anyway. It's just neater to get the antifreeze in a bucket as opposed to having it spash all over the garage floor. Even then - you will still have a little hit the floor...) Also - I'm not opposed to any shortcuts, it's just that I'm a big guy and I needed as much room as possible to work. Now, I ordered my hoses as a set from IMPCO, a division of Performance Products, located in Van Nuys, California. My set for the Turbo was $94.45 (US). My catalog shows the price for your TD is the same, unless you have a California version - that set runs $210.89. You can order their catalog online at: [URL=http://www.************************]
I hope this helps... Let me know how it works out. - Raven

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