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Aside from technical issues, I find it hard to believe people take a Mercedes and put Hundai tires on them.

Tires are probably more important than the state of your suspension. Real hard to improve a suspension enough to overcome even the slightest tire irregularities. They are black and they are round but they aren't all Mercedes quality tires. No matter what the salesman says.

I find it interesting the way sales people promote the cheap tires. The buyer might see this as honesty. The buyer just doesn't know that Michelin has not been "Home Depoted" yet. This is a tern I apply to the marketing systems used by Home Depot/Walmart/etc. They have so much influence over suppliers that they turn quality manufacturers into junk merchants; lowering the quality of everything that is available.

A tire saleman probably makes more money off that 50 dollar tire than a hundred dollar Michelin. That is the basis for most tire store recommendations. That and invntory costs.
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