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Do you have the self dimming mirror or the non-electronic, manual mirror. Are you in Europe or the US? Several types of electronic self dimming mirrors were used, and I have instructuions and links to photos that show how they are taken off the car for repair. I also have an extra self dimming mirror for a 1998 C230 I can sell. Finally, the links below show the parts numbers, including for the manual dimming version - several hundred dollars less expensive than the self dimming mirrors. Both types of mirrors should be available from Fastlane at the top of the page as well as PartsShop or the dealer. Post the type mirror you have and your location, and I can post or email you the photos. (The instructions, photos, and drawings I posted at the links went away when my ISP's server died but I can rescan them if needed) Previous links on this are at:

1998 W202/C230 self dimming mirror

2003 Firemist Red/grey leather SL 500
2015 Palladium Silver/black mbtex GLK 350
1987 Smoke Silver/burgundy mbtex 300E Sportline (SOLD)

Click to see 87 300E
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