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Originally Posted by cmac2012 View Post
Wow. Some similarities all right and numerous differences. Complicated stuff. Have they taken a core sample (I forget the correct phrase) from the enlarged lymph node? I would guess they have. Probably a PET scan also.

I know the feeling about feeling good not long ago. About 6 months before all of this I finished a big job, got paid and noted that I felt remarkably good and energetic. This just after the pandemic broke, about April 2020.

Good luck with it all of course. The body wants to heal, I think. Knowing what to do to help it is the tricky part.
The only thing that's been done so far is multiple blood tests, which have come back clean other than markers for tissue damage and increased metabolism. The doctor acts like he doesn't really know what to do.

He had me scheduled to get a biopsy done on the lymph node, and the person in referrals said that the referral had been sent over. I called the surgeon's office a few hours later and they hadn't gotten the referral, but told me they'd call me back the next day. They didn't. So, I ended up playing phone tag back and forth between my doctor's office and the surgeon's office. The person in referrals would say the referral had been sent, but the surgeon's office would say they hadn't received it.

Then finally, the surgeon's office got the referral, but they said they don't know what to do with just a list of symptoms and no instructions. They said I needed to call my doctor. So I did, but the person in referrals always seemed to be off for the day. Finally, the person in referrals had me contact another surgeon.

The previous surgeon was only 5 minutes away. This next one is 30 minutes away. I went through the same phone tag for days with this surgeon, too. Just today, I saw the surgeon, who seemed confused about what he was supposed to do. He examined my lymph nodes, and laughed at the one on my neck and said it was just an impacted hair follicle, or pimple on the surface. It's not.

He examined the one in my groin and wants to do a biopsy on it. I told him about my other symptoms, and he seemed skeptical like I was making it all up, or they weren't that serious. He was pressing me to go back to work. My bones and joints are so sore that I can barely lay without being in agony, let alone walk. I'm constantly nauseated and am starving because I can't force myself to eat any food.

Anyway, they gave me surgery paperwork to sign, and they had me scheduled to have a hernia repair. But, I don't have a hernia. So they had to redo the paperwork and said they couldn't give me an estimate because they don't have a code for a lymph node biopsy.

Hopefully a biopsy will get a diagnosis. I have to get more blood tests and a COVID test done in the next few days. Ugh. I'm not going to have money or my health.

I'm frustrated because I feel like the doctors don't realize how serious this is, or what to do about it. I'm also living in a place where the medical system is overloaded because almost everyone is over 80.
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