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I am not a doctor as I informed the lady in a nearby cottage one summer.We have been good neighbours for years. Still are.

As she was always complaining of chest issues. Being a good neighbor I offered to have a look if she wanted me to.

Anyways, all doctors are not equal . By any stretch of the imagination..

For a doctor to deffer doing a simple biopsy over basically billing issues.Do the biopsy and sort out the billing issue later. Simple job.Your doctor needs the pathology. When money trumps service by doctors. It raises serious questions.

Extreme overall joint discomfort Is not symptamatic of typical Hogkins disease anyways I believe. Where a major immune system disorder may be more typical. Then again as I mentioned I am not a doctor. There is an obvious problem with this medicine for money issue.

Actually most blood tests are dirt cheap in universal health care systems. Where the charges for some of them in the American system can be very high. A provider might insist on the biopsy results first before entertaining or authorizing any really expensive ones.

In the Canadian system the doctor calls all the shots. He must follow reasonable protocols but never has a clerk telling him what to do in essence. Each system has problems. Doctors are encouraged to move fast on problems in Canada. It tends to be cost effective. Now if you need some treatment of an elective nature the waits can be punishing in many parts of Canada.

Your wait for an accurate diagnosis has been too long. In far too many cases in America even after the diagnosis is accuratly established. Can require drugs that are very expensive.

Now our own problem was our doctor of forty years gave up the office portion of his practice. For just doing emergency work.. It took us a year to get a doctor that was accceptable to us. Any doctor is better than no doctor in our system. Yet there exists many that are far better than average. I am 79 this year and will have to leave at some point. We as a family fortunatly never had just average doctors. To meet our needs.

Hoping you get better soon. You may be the closest member to a Maguyver we have. Your threads are spectacular.

Excuse any attempts at levity on my part as well. I suspect what you must be feeling like currently. I have had a couple of those times myself. They were not the best of times. In each of my cases the diagnosis was fast. The outcomes uncertain.

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