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which is the way

ok i found in different sites that when adjusting the lambda
ccw is rich and cw is lean here is the post

I thought to richen the mixture, you turn the screw counter clockwise
No it richens the mixture clockwise and leans it counter clockwise. I've been able to provide enough fuel for my turbo setup this way

by adjusting the EHA you can cause it to richen a little more.

to perform this mod: disconnect the wiring harness and remove the two screws that hold the box on. some gas will leak out. on the intake side of the box there is a flat head screw that must be removed. under the flat head screw is a 2.5mm allen screw. turn this 1/8 turn clockwise for a little bit richer mix.

right now my lambda reading at 2500rpm reads 39%to46%
going back and fourth when i do a quick hit of the gas pedal
it goes to 50% for a few seconds the it returns to 39% 46%
i;m trying to find the sweet spot good throttle respond and good fuel economy i get about 320 miles to a tank that good for a 92 190e 2.6. thanks
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