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"Drawing conclusions on tire performance is real hard if your experience is wear one set out and then buy another. You always wind up comparing the worse state of the previous set with the best state of the current set. Align 2-5 cars a day for 30 years and comparisons have meaning."

I agree - so I have to go with what I've got - consumer reviews. The last car I owned was my Integra, and I had a greater variety of tires on that in 180k+ miles than the rest of the cars combined. It handled well, but neither it nor the route I travel were kind to tires. The Michelins were a very good overall balance, but not the best in any particular category except comfort.

Anyway, back to my basic question - is it reasonable that the alignment I had with the old, worn tires could be incorrect for the new ones? I.e., if the old tires had a tendency to pull or wander due to uneven treadwear, would the alignment have been adjusted to make the car track better?

Please note too that ALL the effects I have noted are slight, and all the suspension bushings front and rear are original in this '91. Thanks.

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