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Angry 94 C280 driving me nuts. PLEASE HELP!

Ok, the car has been completely revamped. New upgraded Mercedes stereo, leather, all season mats, a fresh wood trim job, new tires, so the car is basically new now again.

However, it needs a new water pump and starter, which I've ordered from a Mercedes dealer and are supposed to be arriving tomorrow via UPS.

I am having problems getting the thing to start, so after the battery is fully recharged, what else could be causing the problem? It seems as if I must give it a TON of gas, while turning the ignition in order to start the car, in order to get it to start-up. I stick the key in, the engine then makes the "I'm trying" sound and then I have to keep pumping the gas extremely hard in order to get it to crank. Yes I need a starter, however I'm thinking that the starter deals w/ an "electric" current. This seems to be a fuel issue?

What is causing this?!! I have this car completely refurbished and I'd like to drive it now.
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