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You;ll need a bearing kit,

To install a new brg(and seat it). You'll need some talent and experience or a trip to a good machine shop. I personally get them to press of the old one and the heat in oil the new one and drop it on.

As far as tools- you'll need the tool for the nut which is $50-60. Everything else can be worked around.

The new crush sleeves are very hard to get to "give" at first. So, a locking down the hub and cranking on the nut is nessary. I've seen many shops reuse the old crush sleeve since brgs are very tight on tolerance and it seems to work(aka I've never done this).

Use a dial indicator on setting up bearings. Do it right and you'll never be in there again!

If I had to choose between redoing the hub or replacing the whole arm/brg/assy- I'd replace the hub.

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