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Originally Posted by cmac2012 View Post
Wow, makes me appreciate my doctors. What do I know but I think you deserve 3rd and 4th diagnoses. Time could be of the essence here. Excising a lymph node is not a big deal. Are you on Medicare yet? Personal question, no need to answer - I am and it makes life easier. But I think you could appeal somehow to get a biopsy and a PET scan. Call different hospitals and ask if they can do one. State health care could help with a few procedures. It will cost the community less in the long run if you are diagnosed in a timely manner.

Here is an idea. One clue in my semi self diagnosis was looking at my blood tests over time. I had one done in early July '20 for my first surgery at Stanford: hernia and removal of low grade cancer from a kidney under the same anesthetic procedure. Then I had the prostate reduction on Oct. 10, blood test a few days before. My July numbers were better than the October numbers, the red and white blood cells and platelet counts. And my energy was a lot better in July. The count difference wasn't huge, my July numbers were not nose bleed but it was apparently enough.

Marrow stunting, at least in output, not sure how temporary or permanent it can be, leads to lower blood counts. At first I was looking at scarred marrow - marrow fibrosis. Scary. NHL may be more curable than actually scarred marrow, not sure.

Long story short, like a woman in VT (formerly here, she still owns a house in Berkeley that I maintain for her tenants) of my long acquaintance tells me, you've got to be your own advocate on getting care. You know your case better then any of them. They are busy, a lot of faces to process. She cured up from breast cancer from chemotherapy, she's convinced that's what did it anyway. It's maybe 3 years later, she seems good as new, all her hair grew back. Most of mine has fallen out.

Get you blood test results over time and study them.

Also, stop all sugar and ice cream, the latter about the worst in sugar/sat. fat combo. The book "Sugar Blues" is really inspirational.

Try that Trader Joes green juice. Maybe even a day or two a week with nothing but that or a lot of that and light meals. If you start bringing up phlegm, could be a good sign.

Modern diet is weird too often. We have access to all manner of food year round, some of it digests poorly with other items but we frequently don't have a clue about it. You never know, could be one by-product of incorrect digestion is causing you grief in some of your other health issues. "Food Combining Made Easy" by Herbert Shelton is a seminal work in that field. It's not a large book, doesn't take too long to read.

I'm looking to go more and more paleo in my diet. Eating stuff that humans ate 10 and 20 thousand years ago and before. Our digestive systems don't evolve that fast. Wheat has only been eaten for 9000 years and that far from universal, much less in many regions. Our guts did not evolve while eating that stuff. Gluten is way gluey.
Yeah, I wish I had more options. I just have to take what I can get. I've applied for Medicaid in the past but never qualified, couldn't afford it, or whatever. I applied again recently, but am waiting to see if it will help at all.

I already have a biopsy scheduled, but it's just taking a long time for it to happen. There's a lot of communication that happens, and a lot of back-and-forth phone calls from me to arrange it. It should be done in a few more days. Everything takes time. Any procedures or care providers have to be referred/approved by my doctor.

I can hardly eat anymore, but what I do eat I try to make quality so it counts. I would love for food to taste like food again and not have to force-feed myself.
Stop paying for animal enslavement, cruelty, and slaughter. Save your health and the planet. Go vegan! I did 18 years ago.


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