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Question 190E 2.6 Deceleration FUEL ISSUE

1990 190e 2.6 Deceleration ISSUES /FUEL RELATED?

having issues with my car decelerating at odd times, spiratic and odd behavior. I'll be driving any speed ..40,50,65,75mph and I let off the accelerater and the car will start to decelerate (a significant amount) by it's self, I thought it was supposed to keep rolling some? (acts like i'm breaking). When I'm going down my streets hill a nice grade, it'll stick to same RPM/MPH and won't speed up at all, like somethings holding on and slowing the car down. this is all off and on behavior.

Sometimes (spiratically) where i'm going along on the freeway or the road and it's like something kicked in cause my economy gauge goes down to (no fuel) being used and just cruises real smooth??? just like it was a new car.

This problem even persists and changes will driving steady on freeway, i'll go 70-75mph and my fuel gauge will read the middle line (50% gas output) and then once in a while act out and like go in economy mode?? The gauge moves to 0 fuel being used and then, i've regained strength and power in my car. weird......

this problem goes on often even when i'm cruising the car will be making accelerate more to get it up to speed, giving it more gas.
this all acts off and on, one day or time it'll be like a new car, next it will act like a fuel deprived car.

what's up with this? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am going nutz with these issues. I do put in highest ocatne in car.

Thanks you guys your all great, I don't know what i'd do without this MBShop Forum!!!
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