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190E 2.3 Fuel economy worsened

Hi all,

Im not sure this question is for this forum because i always post my threads in the diesel forum for my 190D but since this is the first problem ive had on my 190E then ill post here

Here's the symptoms
-Car's fuel economy gage runs halfway or all the way in the red when car accelerates lightly (not speaking about pedal to the metal).

-It never use to go all the way or even half way in the red (economy gage) when driven smoothly

-I can hear a louder hissing sound where the Bosch injection is under the air filter (seems there is alot more gas injected at idle)

-The rear exaust smells too much of unburnt gasoline ( no black or any type of smoke though)

-Car seems to be going fine (idle speed) no lack of power at all
although at certain times when reaching about 150 km/h it feels like it cant nomore (only occasionally)

Here is what i've done on the car (just recently)
-Spark plugs (bosch platinum)
-Oil filter and oil
-Air filter

The car is
1987 190E 2.3
102 000 km
Auto trans
All original from the original owner ( all services done at MB canada) nothing ever touched on the engine just oil changes

Please tell me that im worrying for nothing
Or if you have any insight on this problem please dont be affraid to share
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