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At 150k it almost certainly would have had oil cooler seals done by now or it would be leaking like a sieve. 2008s definitely had orange seals.

A few suggestions on proactive things to do with the engine that are not terribly expensive and will save you lots of trouble later. I have two 2008 642s, my two college aged sons are driving my wife and my hand me downs, and these are things I have had to do on both cars (or need to).

- Fuel filter, be sure the hoses are not weeping (had to replace on both cars). Check for fuel accumulation on top of the filter housing. May need to replace the water in filter sensor, it gets a crack in it and starts leaking.

- Oil filter tower, there are 2 gaskets, one against the block and the other in the middle of the neck. The one against the block is available at the dealer the neck gasket is not (they want you to buy a whole new tower) but Dorman makes a replacement neck gasket.

- Belt tensioner and pulleys, it's one of those things that just wears out and will leave you stranded.

- Return hose assembly, another one that will get you out on the road.

- Alternator, had to replace one already and the other is starting to squeak at startup. Get an original from the dealer only, parts store alternators are trouble. Found out the hard way on that one.
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