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Thanks Jay_bob,
Great tips. Changed fuel filter today which hadn't been done in a while. Questioned the fuel feed hoses and have them on my to do list, I assume any fuel hose will work since these are low pressure.

While the filter was out, inspected the v well as best as I could, didnt see any accumulation of oil, and noticed that tge swirl valve motor had been replaced, prob due to the elephant hose leak and update. A few mounting bolts were loose and one of the turbo mount bolts was missing. Obviously has been worked on.

Tried the 4.7k resistor on the swirl motor, but threw a check engine light and limp home mode. The error was p1020? Too much resistance? I cleared it for now and plugged the swirl motor back in, all good. Hoping to deactivate tge swirl, egr and dpf with a tune in the near future.

Will also put tensioner, pulleys and belt on my list per your suggestion.

Always welcome any guidance, this is my first OM642
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