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Zeus, I don't know such a site. However, the most likely cause of blowing a fuse with the above meter is accidentally leaving it set to current while measuring a voltage, or incorrectly using it on the current ranges.

Note that in current mode it will appear as essentially a short circuit wherever you connect it. You must cut what is already a 'short', i.e. a wire, and connect the meter ends to the two cut wire ends to complete the circuit. This way the meter measures the current passing through the meter, and completes the circuit you cut open. In practice, to avoid chopping up your vehicle's wiring, it is best to either buy or fabricate a special test harness wherever you would otherwise have to cut.

Testing electical and electronic circuits can be very confusing for the neophyte, and I would start by learning basic electronic circuits. Use of the multimeter will then become obvious.

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