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Mark Sare
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I'll try to jury rig it again and if that doesn't solve the problem I'll just have too go to the dealer . Sadly, whenever I take my car to a MB dealer they always find loads of work to do and in addition to that they offer terrible service. For example, I had severly bent the right front supporting arm on my axle, after hitting a sidewalk. It happened on a a wet cobble stone road. My insurance towed it to a MB dealership. They estimated 12000DM ($6000)damage. So my car was a total loss. I got some money and managed to get the car fixed for 1400DM ($700) at a local mechanic. Now I just have liability insurance. I've experienced this at two different MB dealerships. They are always trying to take advantage of one. On another occasion, for just some routine work, the MB dealership in Hanau scratched up my hood, pretty deep scratches, and totally messed up my after market spoiler, I threatened to sue them, but couldn't prove the hood scratches, just the spoiler. So they repainted it. There are many more stories I could tell. Anyway, I have a strong aversion towards MB dealerships and try to avoid them whenever I can.

1978 350SLC
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