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I've been waiting a few months to see MBUSA's price on the new C Class. They indicated a few months ago when the mark was at 2.00 per dollar that the new C Class would be under $30K. Now, the mark is at 2.25 per dollar, giving them more than 10% more purchasing power. They announced the price today at $29,950.

If they were not a bunch of money grubbers and wanted to be fair with their customers, they would have passed at least a little of this savings to their customers. They're going to keep every dime for their money grubbing selves.

I love MB automobiles and I don't know what I'll do. But I won't stand still to be raped by these people.

I hope everyone understands that this is in no way a reflection on the dealers. It is MBUSA that is setting this price and ripping us off. The dealers have no guilt in this.

Can anyone reccommend a good VW or BMW dealer?

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