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I drove my '83 240d Auto as my first car for about 15 years now and having recently swapped it with a euro 617 with manual 4speed drive train, I do really miss the way the 240d handled it's speed around town in the automatic form. It is a much less smooth ride overall now although much quicker off the line with the extra cylinder and stick shift. The 240d auto has a nice way of being really responsive to weather you are flooring it or not, determining when to up or down shift. I miss how effortless it all was to hop into a 240d auto. I also never felt like it was too slow except in high altitudes and on really fast interstates out west. I would do 75 in the 240d all day even though it likely puts a little more wear on the engine that way. That being said, I love the quickness off the line with my new manual 617 setup in the car but, I think it is a much jerkier ride compared to the 240d auto. I'm still getting use to the swap and am not looking back in time too much and I only did the swap because I needed a new transmission and didn't feel like maintaining another automatic trans. Overall, I would be happy with the car in either form.
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