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Gee...I thought it was a very good price when I saw the new C-Class at $29,950. Isn't it the same price as they released the current C-Class a few years back? That means there really not much price increase over the new model. On the other hand, you have to fork out pretty much the same amount for a Honda Accord Sport Coup or a Toyota Camry. By the way, Honda does come with stick. But....its a Honda. So, I say for somewhere in the neighborhood of $30K you are driving a MB. Few years later when you want to sell it, see who get most of the re-sell value. Not to mention who has a better built and soulful car (regardless of all the complaints on MB recent quality control, like the Japanese doesn't has the same issue?). I still think it has a rather attractive and competitive price. Just my 2 cents.

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