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Get the manual. I test drove an auto before I got my manual and it was awful. Push down the pedal and wait for something to happen. The manual was drivable...but it required a great amount of skill to daily drive.

I’d commute in mine in the Bay Area for eight years. My coworkers would tease how slow it was but I’d tell them my car requires far more skill to operate than their Camry. They didn’t believe me of course. Wringing performance out of that thing required traffic anticipation like Nostradamus. Perfect shift points. And lane change planning a mile in advance.

It worked well on a city/highway commute once I learned the route and it’s traffic patterns. You try not to lose momentum.

As for climbing hills it was great. I went up and down the hills of San Francisco and Berkeley (Marin Ave) all the time. It just does it like a tractor in 1st. If you have the time it’ll climb the hill.

I moved to socal and got rid of it. I only drive my turbodiesels now. Too many hills in my neighborhood. I live on a 15% grade and I have impatient neighbors in 200hp+ SUVs. One lane with a 40mph speed limit that everyone breaks. The 240d wouldn’t work well here.
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