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The update on my 300E; I did not get my headbolt socket and guide pin puller in time to get the head off before coming to Europe for three weeks. So, I hope to tear it apart the weekend of about the 24th when I return. I say try, because my daughters 300D quit this week, so I'll have to get her back on the road. Her engine quit at a traffic light, very unusual for a diesel, probably something simple though.

Meanwhile I am stuck driving my POS Corvette when I get home, and it could quit at any second. It's all up in good shape now, except for the 5,000 pound exhaust system rattling, but past experience tells me that something will break on the POS at any turn in the road.

I may end up buying some kind of car on the Friday when I return. Even if I didn't have the bone to pick with MBUSA, waiting three months for a car doesn't help me much right now.

I will always have the manual transmission 300E, and I hope to have it back on the road in a few weeks. Since I have it as my sedan, it does offer the option to replace the POS Corvette with another sports car, one that may have a chance of running for a few miles at a stretch.

Alex Koully,

I enjoyed your post, especially about yourself being to large and your wallet too thin. I understand totally.


MB brought manual transmissions to the USA in the; 240D, the 190 models until about '91, the 300E(I own one), the new SLK, and a few of the 300SL's in the early 90's.

Yes the MB market typically wants automatics, I prefer solid cars with manual transmissions. I am driving an Audi with a manual while in Europe, and love it.

Am I a nut? Of course, but I would like it very much if MBUSA would give me the choice. I LIKE DRIVING MANUAL TRANSMISSION CARS! At least they are finally giving me that choice, if I want to bend over for their keeping 10% of DMark savings.

Thanks for the responses everyone,

Larry Bible
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