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Gear Shift Upgrade to Touch Shift

Hello Fellow Enthusiasts:

I have a question regarding transmission upgrades that I have also posted in the Performance Paddock forum.

I recently discovered great things on ebay and just bought a C-Class "Touch Shift" floor shifter (part number A 202 267 056 G)designed for 2000 and later C-Classes.

I would like to install this piece on my 1999 C43 AMG that came with the regular floor shifter: left to right for 4th to fifth gear "D"
and down one at a time for 3rd, 2nd and 1st.

The new touch shift shifter allows up shifts or down shifts simply by pushing the lever to the left or the right.

My question is: Will it fit on my transmission? (I think it will because the 2000 C43 AMG comes with a touch shift floor shifter).

If it fits, would it be relatively easy to change out the old LED clock for the the new LED clock that also displays the gear the car is in? (They are the same size).

I know I can buy the wood trim to make it look OE but wonder if this is a relatively simple bolt on upgrade that would not alter the AMG shift point programing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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