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Thanks a lot!

I am new to these boards, but man they help a lot. My "dealer" was really going to stick me hard with all of the major possible culprits, so I simply skimmed this board, started throwing some terminology at him, such as the overvolt protection relay causing problems perhaps, as well as potentially an old fuel filter, or even [gasp] the wiring harness, which I've learned Mercedes was fixing for free at one point.

You should've seen him. It looked like a frog was in his throat, he was so choked-up. Anyway, he said he wasn't sure if they'd fix the wiring harness because Mercedes was doing that solely out of kindness earlier and ever since then, every "on the street car repairman and his momma have been sending people here since 1994, for a free repair. We're tired of doing it."


So I've bitten the rod nonetheless. I did need a water pump so I have that arriving in the morning via UPS, along with a starter. This guy who works for my Mercedes dealer wants to do some of the work in my backyard and let me pay him much less than what the dealer costs, on the side.

He has to feed his kids and I'm a college student, so I guess I'd better let him do it for less and just shut my mouth. It sure beats taking it to his delaership, where they'd charge in excess of $90/hr for labor. Besides, he said if anything else is wrong, he'll just look over it and fix it for me, so what the heck.

What do you guys think about that? It's US vs THEM!

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