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Although BMW lists many cars on their website with manual transmission, I could not find one at a dealer.

I threw gasoline on the fire yesterday, and bought a 2001 C Class with a six speed. It will be in Monday or Tuesday. I could not be picky about options and color unless I waited three months minimum. Also it is not determined when you can buy a C Class with the Comand system. So I just bent over and let them keep their 20% extra profit from recent and rapid DMark evaluation. I threw gasoline on the fire, and I'm sure they're laying around trying to catch their breath after laughing so hard at the bald headed sucker in Texas that bought one of the things knowing full well that they were ripping him off for the 20% deevaluation of the DMark and kept every single Pfenning for themselves. What can I say, I love the car. I'm definitely the fool rushing in.

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