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Hi Larry--a ghost from a previous post. 2 things--I agree, most of the US MB products are overpriced. Whatever. If you want one, you have to pay for one--if you don't, you won't. Obvoiusly, you did. Did you plan on hustling down to your MB dealer to give them some more money when the dollar fell against the mark? These are long range decisions made to keep the pricing from jumping around every 60 days or so. But what I really wanted to ask you was this--the same question that we discussed about 45 days ago--are you really going to buy another MB stick? Have you driven that thing? Have you taken note that every car mag in the US, UK, and Germany has universally panned that tranny as awful? I just hope that once you get your car, and while it's still in warranty, you will make every effort to let your service writer and your MB regional rep know how awful it is, and how much better it could be. Again--I'm on your side! I'm a MB geek who just can't believe that they can't make a manual tranny that's worth a flip. BTW, I think overall the new C is pretty neat. I'm #1 at our dealer for a C32. Your foil, allen.