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These complaints about the MB manual transmissions blow me completely away. Yes I have driven Six Speed C Class cars. I've driven two different cars, one of them twice. I also have driven an SLK with the same Six Speed manual transmission. No, I have not seen any car magazines which are naysayers about the MB manual transmissions.

I think that these transmissions and clutches are great. I only wish that my manual transmission Corvette shifted as nice. I have had a number of manual transmission Mercedes; a '68 230, three 240D's, an '88 300E with a manual transmission, and I've never had one minute's trouble out of them. They all shifted great, just as the new Six Speed does.

My question to you is, have YOU driven one, or are you happy to make up your mind based on what a magazine writer tells you?

I used to think that what writers say carried weight. I have since developed the opinion that most of them have English degrees, know how to write, and don't know much of anything else, except the perks that they get from the car companies that are pushing their product.

If I ever get a bad MB manual transmission, I will reevaluate, so far MB's manual transmissions are batting a thousand with me. I wish I could say the same for all other aspects of the cars and the car company.

It boils down to this; you are a manual transmission fan or you are not. I have driven well over 1 Million miles in my life, with probably 70 or 80 percent of those miles in manual transmission cars. I learned how to handle them when I first started driving, and have much experience doing so. I have no qualms with those who don't like them or don't know how to drive one(these people are usually one and the same). If someone is complaining about a particular manual transmission, I have my doubts about their skill in driving one.

By the way, I may not end up with this car. It has been held up at the port and not released to the trucking company for delivery. This happened to me when I ordered my E Class in '96 and it turned out that the car had crash damage and was repaired at the port before shipping. I am very afraid that this is what has happened and is what is holding up the car at the port. I will not accept a new car that has already been crashed and repaired. Maybe I'll end up in an SLK after all, and if I do, yes it will be a Six Speed. Buying a sports car without a manual transmission would be like hiring a prostitute that didn't have a you know what.

Thanks for the response.

Larry Bible
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