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Originally Posted by barry12345 View Post
A 240d in many ways is my favorite car. Plus well suited to our low traffic density area. Especially the secondary roads.

At the same time in some driving enviroments it may lack too much for safe operation.

Some also seem to be too noisey at todays highway speeds compared to others. This can be bothersome.

As already mentioned. Any new to you example will usually benifit from doing service on it. You need or want every last horespowere that it is capable of producing.

Your pedal will be on the floor a fair percentage of the time in comparison to cars with far more power. Personally I feel the manual transmissions are both far more reliable and help you drive the car. As you definatly have to drive them I find. That may be part of their attraction.

I just did my first extended road trip in my perfectly running 1982 240D, almost 800 miles which was mostly rural roads but several hundred of interstates with 80 mph speed limits. Before, that high speed limit was an ordeal with the 65-67 hp diesel just howling. I put in a 3.07 rear end to replace the 3.69 and it is like night and day. I even ran up the engine to see how fast it would go and I was over 90 when I ran out of straight road. Very quiet at 65-70. A little slower accelerating of course but no problem keeping up with the speed demons. The 3.07 would have been a better choice for American roads . The 3.69 is nice for taxis in the city. Gas mileage went up as well.
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