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Larry, I apologize for my previous post. It was perhaps insensitive. Most folks would be delighted at the opportunity to buy a new car. A new car, in particular a new MB, is generally considered a significant lifetime achievement. Not a lot of people do that. I'd think you'd be excited, happy, looking foreword to it. But your repeated statements are anger, ostensibly at MB, due to cost, and real concern that the car will have some shipping accident related defects. And your cost concerns are on what is a very low cost model, as MB vehicles go.

I understand that your last new MB was a lemon and you are understandably concerned as a consequence. But still, no one is forcing you to buy it, and no one will force you to take delivery if it is not satisfactory. Despite that, you repeatedly whine about MB for making money, and are speculating on almost every post that your yet to be delivered vehicle will be mangled.
Jeez, Larry, with all due respect, give it and your emotions a little rest. We all go through buyers remorse, but you are setting yourself up to be angry at the car before you even get it. With this as a premise, imagine how cheerfully you're likely to react when the first or second rattle occurs. And they will…..

Just a little friendly advise from another owner of a new MB.