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Ah,yes. As a mattter or fact I have driven one, and a six speed SLK too. The SLK is better than it was, I will give it that. Perhaps it was just the overall feel of the 6 that impressed me. But to think that I had to shift that compared to a Z3 or Boxster gearbox? Not bloody likely! Rubbery, vague, and lifeless are the words that come to mind. To quote this months Sportscar International mag, " the standard 6 speed gearbox is a real letdown. Rubbery and remote with a clutch pedal that offers hardly any feel, the transmission gets the job done but simply isn't very satisfying to use. Shifts won't be missed, but they won't be enjoyed." Hey, I'm with you, I love to drive a stick. But with the resources, talent and experience that Stuttgart has, this tranny is just a marketing ploy to try to capture a few 3 series customers. Now I have a question for you--have you actually driven a touch shift car? Hard? It's quite remarkable how good it can be. BTW, I wouldn't get too concerned about the car still not being released. I was in Jacksonville yesterday and the warehouse is convered in merchandise. You would think with things moving that slow that they could improve quality control a bit. Anyway, wish you luck, just enjoying the thrust and parry. allen.