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Touchshift or whatever, it's still an automatic transmission. There's no clutch pedal, and if you drive a car to high mileage, like I do, it is destined to reward you with a multi-thousand dollar repair bill somewhere along the way. A manual gets a clutch every now and again( I just put the third one in my 240D at 528K miles) and you go on.

You can give me all the automatic transmission doodad's; driver adaptive, touch shift, tiptronic, and I'll still take a manual transmission and clutch pedal every time.

I'm one of the oddball's that MB does not normally build cars for.

As for my whining, I apologize, I am very upset with MB about their decision to rip us off by keeping the 20% for themselves and not sharing one red cent. However, I am very excited about getting my first new car in awhile. It was released to the trucker's yesterday, so maybe I'll get it this weekend.

As I said before, it is MB's right to rip us off if we will stand still for it, and obviously I want the car bad enough to bend over and back in the door. But it's difficult for me not to complain after this turn of monetary events.

I promise to make this my last complaint about MERCEDES BENZ USA's MONEY GRUBBING, RIP OFF ATTITUDE. There, I have to make my last complaint a good one. Henceforth I will report on the car, and hopefully will never have to make a lemon report, or have to report about bad service from the dealer or MBUSA. I bought this car at a different dealership, and so far I am pleased with them. I told the rep. about my past experience and also told him that we are going to wipe the slate clean and start over. New car, different dealership, fresh start.

Thanks for everyone's comments. Let's keep the manual transmission debate going though, it's fun. BTW. If MB's stick is so bad, why are there so many cars in Germany equipped with them?

Thanks and have a great day,

Larry Bible
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