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There are no comments that I make in regards to automobiles that are meant to appeal to anyone. I am a terminal CarNut. My ideas about cars probably don't match up with any other human being on earth. I simply espouse(sp) my ideas and opinions.

The only reason I can afford to buy a new Benz, albeit the cheapest one they sell in the US, is because I pinch pennies, that's why the monetary issue unsettles me so much.

I'm sure that you could have a field day performing psychoanalysis on me. But if you do it based on my comments and opinions regarding cars, your conclusion and results will be highly inaccurate.

If I am seen as bragging about buyig a new Benz, there again one that is less expensive than most American luxury cars, I apologize. My discussions are simply my thoughts about cars and car companies.

Additionally, the subject of cars is certainly the one in which I am clearly the most opinonated.

Thanks and have a great day,

PS. Regardless of the REASON that Europeans buy manual transmissions, If MB's versions are so awfully bad, how are they staying in business with their product in Europe? LB

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