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Question Changed ATF....Now shifts hard when cold

Hello All,

I have an 87 190e 2.6 and changed the transmission fluid and filter last night. The old fluid had about 30K miles and was nice and red when I drained it. I also drained the torque converter and let it all sit for an hour to drain. I filled the transmission up with Valvoline's DuraBlend ATF. Now the transmission holds the gear longer when it is cold. From 2nd to 3rd it shifts at 3K rpm. The car used to do this but only on the first shift of the day. Now it is holding the shift for at least five stop and go cycles. Could this be the difference between the regular ATF and the DuraBlend? I would hate to have to drain it all again. Also, I did not get a full 6.3 quarts out of the transmission...looks like I was low a half quart. Could the low level caused incorrect operation and what I am experiencing now is the way it should be? Thanks in advance.
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