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Hi Larry,

'so bad' or 'really Bad' standard transmissions are very relative terms. While you drive them and don't seem to think that they are bad, just like some other posters, there are some that dislike the way they feel.

Obviously (to me) the reasons for choosing the standard, (at least in Europe) out weigh the 'badness' of the transmission. So they MB can get away with their continued level of 'badness' of transmissions because of the other 'good things' inherent in the ownership of a Merc..

perhaps your perceptions of the quality of MB standards is identical to most of the Europeans? if this is the case, they are satisfied enough with the boxes (little do they know ) and can keep MB happily in business making them. you seem to like it, and you seem somewhat coherent & intellegent,(if not a little anal )

Perhaps the standard boxes are just that, standard, tolerable, but not crappy enough to drive customers away?

McDonalds is not gourmet food, but I don't dislike it so much that I refuse to go there on occasion. (yes I've been seen in the drive thru)

Kind regards and no offence intended (just poking some fun)