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This is fun! I do note Larry, that most all of the cars you listed below have godawful manual transmissions. I do also note that the standard bearer for manual transmissions, BMW, is not listed among them. If you haven't taken delivery of the 240, I would encourage you NOT to drive a new e46 325 or 330i. You will not go back to the Benz store. I guess that's the point I'm making--if you're absolutely commited to driving a stick, why not drive the best one? And as for saving money on the repairs, you are right, but there's a flaw in your logic. You're forgetting the thousands of dollars in depreciation that you'll lose if you buy an MB stick. But realistically, that's not part of the equation for you because you keep a car so long. You still didn't answer my question--have you driven a touch shift in a new Benz? It's a great tranny. But you better not go drive that stick in the 3 series......