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No kidding Jim, that digital camera has saved my butt a couple of times when pulling laptops apart for relatives.

I have a Haynes, a Technibooks, and also suscribed to AllData while trying to figure out how to grease the windshield wiper. Can't find any head r&r on the CD. I think I read most of the M103 posts on 'head gasket removal', and 'valve job' while trying to find the name of that socket. After that, to paraphrase Akroyd, I have 1/2 a tank of gas and a pack of cigarettes.
This is my third Benz since I traded my Grand Prix for a 12-yr-old 250S in college in 1978, but the first one I have tried working on to this extent.

This was one of the things that made me post this. I was not sure whether to flush before or after. I now think I will burn a jug of Zerex not only to avoid contaminating the new head, but to keep residual green stuff from drying in the radiator and block since they will remain drained for almost a week. I have not tried a Shout or citric acid flush before, but imagine even that would take some time to rehydrate dried green antifreeze.

I wish I had seen this earlier; I called Snap-On when I got up and had one sent 2-day. I don't mind the price of the socket, but I wish I could deduct what I paid UPS last year.

Thanks for the pointers. I did not realize I had to ask to have the cam and lifters reinstalled. I hope I have not gotten ahead of myself, but I already have a set of replacement guides to take to the head shop.
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