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Gentleman, Gentleman, Gentleman,

May I take this moment to enlighten you all a bit. First of all, if one were so inclined,one can easily purchase a previously owned model year 2000 MB E240, yes that is right, an E240,gasoline fueled,(same engine family as the U.S. version 320,280,240 etc.) in GERMANY for 50,300 DM= US $22,863. Thats not including conversion to U.S. specs which is about $6,800 and shipping at a mere $1200.
total=about $31K. I forgot to mention that the vehicle in question would include ABS, glass sunroof, Airbags,alloy wheels,Automatic,Air,power windows seat+mirrors,central locking with remote, ESP,rear headrests, metallic paint,radio/cassette stereo by becker. only drawback is no Warranty (MB of USA doesn't want these cars here because they can't get their cut, so they won't warranty it). Any one interested? I think if the Euro/DM situation keeps going in favor of the dollar you'll see a lot of these cars on our shores again. Count me in. GeneMak1

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