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Webmaster: It would be nice if threads were presented as a tree (like e.g. Netscape 1.71 does for newsgroups) making it explicit whom you are answering to.

1991300SEL: Thanks for the thread, but it apparently contains a lot of non-related info: do you have a more specific one?


* The driving wheel and dials are not centered, but noticeably moved towards the right / center instead?

Before my MB I had a 1988 Volvo 740 GLE and the wheel was centered, at least as well as I can remember. Which is interesting given Volvo's obsession with passive safety too.

* There is a piece of fabric on the rear doors' rubber joints' upper-front corners?

Your reasons make sense, and I've also heard them before. ;-) Such attention to details is what sets (or used to set? ) MB apart...


Maybe blowing warm air through the side vents only has a temp. control advantage, and may also explain why in a house radiators are often (always?) installed right under the windows?
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