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1990-560 SEL Speaker wiring

Hi all:

I have read all the posts on this car and its sound system and yet I have a question. I have 6 factory speakers in my car. They are fed by 2 amps on each side. I have bought an MP3 Deck (Rockford Fosgate 9120G), from my son who wanted to go with a higher end model. I would like to wire all speakers.

My problem is that there is only two pairs of wires for the front speakers (one for the left front and one right front) and another two pairs of wires for the rear speakers (again one for the left and one for the right rear speakers).

How do I make sure that the bass speaker in the doors are also wired. Do I use the front speaker outlet to power both the front and the door speakers? A wiring Diagram would sure be nice. What have you guys done?

p.s. Why is it that the top of the line 560 SEL for MY 1990 has so many different speaker configurations, some have 4, others have 10 and I have six??????

Thanks so much. Guy.
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