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I planned on doing some tuning to the car, and first thing I wanted to do is get the brakes on. Its time for me to replace my front and REAR rotors along with pads so I figured now would be a good time to upgrade if I am going to do it. I already have 17x7.5 TSW EVO II Titanium wheels, but I wanted to make sure that I would be able to fit the Winter Wheels on them. Since I planned on using my OEM wheels and now realized they won't fit, I wanted to know if the 15" wheels the TireRack offers would work.

I later plan on transplanting a M104 3.2 engine in it. Supposedly, hp is suppose to be around 228@5600 and torque around 232@3750. The engine is out of an 95 S320 wrecked from the back/rear side. The front is untouched, but everything behind the drivers side door is gone. The engine is being sold for $2100 and has 34K miles.

My only other concern is the transmission, and weather or not it will need upgrading. If so, I think I meet use a manual trans out of a late 80s 300E since my current 2.6 has the 4-speed auto.

I have seen someone that has had this upgrade done on another 190E and he has had success with it. He also lives in this area (DC) and I might hace the shop (R.C. Imports) do the work for me.

Also, If I go through with the transplant, I also plan on getting on fender work done, and to see if I can fit anything bigger then 17x7.5 in there. If I could get 17x8s, I would want to try and put 235/40/17 on the 17x8s. I would probably sell my 17x7.5 EVO II Titanium wheels. I had them on my old 190E 3.0 that was bored to a 3.2. However, on that car, I just got a brembo kit and found it to expensive to maintain. I was hoping to get most of the parts from an older model wreck or something.

Thanxs for all the help, and I appreciate the input. It think the entire process might take a while to complete, but I am not going to be using the car the much while I am off to school anyways. Since we sold the other 190, I decided to invest a little in our current one. Besides that, I am going to see if I get anything for my 2.6 engine. Its in perfect condition and I just got the 90K service done on it.

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